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作者:    来源:    更新时间: 2016-01-05 10:50:23
mom_60Russia XX company focused on Russia alpine zone level measurement and control engineering, the project is located in the Siberian plain, the area in the middle and high latitudes, complex terrain, cold weather. The average annual temperature is below 0 ℃, the lowest temperature in the northeast reaches -70 ℃, the conventional magnetic level gauge turned column can not work properly under such a low temperature environment.
I began to develop programs for clients in March 2014, we started studying meet new ultra-low temperature resistant magnetic level gauge turned column at a low temperature harsh environments. After two months of research, our company from the material, structure from the start, through repeated experiments repeatedly frozen environment, successfully developed ultra-low temperature environment suitable for use in magnetic level gauge turned column broke and abroad in this field blank .
Products in June 2014 delivered to the customer, after a year of use, ultra-low magnetic level gauge turned column withstood Siberia ultra critical point ambient temperature test, completed the realization level measurement end customer requirements, remote, monitoring and other functional requirements, and maintain long-term use and trouble-free good condition, end customers have been recognized and praised.
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